Are You Ready For The Lyme Disease Challenge?

Are you ready for the Lyme Disease Challenge? Have fun and do something good at the same time: Challenge your friends and make the funniest face you can muster up!

Lyme Disease Challenge:

  • Take a bite. (Make a funny face!)
  • Share a fact.

FACT: Transmission of Lyme disease and other infections can take place in a matter of minutes, particularly if the tick is not removed properly.

Kristen Lord

Kristen Lord

Kristen is a junior and soon to be senior at Christopher Newport University. She has an Associate’s Degree in graphic design, and is working toward her Bachelors in Fine Arts focusing in graphic design. Kristen has a passion for animals and art, and in her spare time likes to paint, or design on the computer as well as playing with her dog Mr. Pickles. Kristen is happy to be moving on to a new chapter of her life soon, getting married at the end of May 2016 and graduating in April 2017.

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