Finding the Right Doctors

I discovered this neurologist, my current neurologist, through an occupational therapist who was trying to help me learn to live with whatever condition I had at the time, because I didn’t have a diagnosis when I was seeing an occupational therapist.

She had made all these crazy contraptions and devices to try to help my hand to stop it from cramping up when I would write. And she referred me to a neurologist that she was really good friends with and when I had to wait nine months to see this neurologist, and once I got the appointment, we hit it off and he’s been a great help since then.

Luckily I really haven’t had the need to go back and see him within the last six months or so, primarily because as symptoms come about or I experience things in my daily routine, I’m finding my ways to adapt to what the dystonia is doing.

My neurologists, they’re behind me 100% in what I’m doing. They don’t understand why I run so much or how I can run so much but again, it’s just my way of dealing with things.


Nolan’s Journey with Dystonia

Patiently Proud, a Marathon with Dystonia 

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