Why 2017 Could be a Better Year for Anyone with HAE

There’s good news for people living with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE), the genetic disorder that results in sudden and severe swelling basically anywhere throughout the body. As those living with HAE know, the condition can be fatal if swelling occurs around the airways.

While some treatments already exist, KalVista Pharmaceuticals is exploring a new method for controlling the swelling characteristic of HAE.

Specifically, they’re looking at inhibiting plasma kallikrein, which has been shown to contribute to the leaking of blood vessels and the enlargement of surrounding areas.

KalVista’s potential new HAE medication is currently known as KVD818. It is entering Phase 1 trials in the UK, which will look at the safety and potential efficacy of the drug.

KalVista expects to have results of the Phase 1 trials early in 2017.

If the results are promising, KVD818 would then enter Phase II trials.

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Keep in mind that IF KalVista’s potential new product is approved in the UK or EU, it would still need to make its way through FDA review before patients in the US could have access to it.

There is reason for optimism, however, as KalVista recently had another product, KVD001, recently graduate from Phase I to Phase II trials.

KVD001 is being explored as a potential treatment for diabetic macular edema, so clearly KalVista knows something about controlling swelling.

James Ernest Cassady

James Ernest Cassady

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