Nolan Discusses Dystonia Treatment

 There [are] treatment[s] for symptoms for dystonia. For neuropathy they can give you things like anti-depressants which have been known to curb neuropathy. They can do botox injections into the muscles that are contracting; they actually suggested botox injections for my hand. But that was back when I was riding a motorcycle and the thought of putting a toxin into [the] muscles in my hand to help them relax, so that they didn’t contract when I wrote… and then on top of that, the chance of it spilling out of that particular muscle into the other muscles in my hand… and then what if that happened while I was riding a motorcycle? It wouldn’t be a good situation because you lose control of your muscle when the botox is injected into it. [Botox] basically just relaxes the muscle.

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Nolan Discusses Dystonia Treatment

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