The Smackdown on Dystonia and Mental Health: How to Help

Mental health is a sensitive topic for many people with dystonia since a lot of cases are initially mistaken for a psychological condition.

In the vast majority of cases, dystonia is a neurological illness and does not have a mental health cause.

One Voice Vents

The Dystonia Society Forum, an online support and discussion forum, is a place to share experiences, join in discussions, and feel supported.

One post declares attention. An all too common tone of stress.

Any of these comments touch home?

  • Keeps coming back
  • Quite stressed
  • Very scary
  • Tired and fed up
  • Poor experiences
  • Anxiety problems
  • Panic attack

Pair these comments with mild to severe spasms, a high pulse rate, and repeated debauched ambulance experiences. A nightmare!

The Relationship Reciprocates

Although mental health conditions do not normally cause dystonia, there can be an important inter-relationship between dystonia and mental health in some cases.

  • Many people report that stress and anxiety can aggravate their symptoms
  • The symptoms of dystonia may cause depression or anxiety as a result of pain, disruption of daily activities, or social isolation.
  • Some affected people are more likely to experience mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety

There is a lot of stigma related to mental health conditions, which can make people reluctant to admit to themselves or others that they have an illness.

It is very important that this barrier is overcome to ensure the mental health condition receives the necessary treatment.

 Sources to Help

The equations in question are very much an individual experience – many people with dystonia never have mental health conditions.

However, the ability to cope with dystonia will be much improved if your well-being is treated alongside the physical symptoms.

Give yourself a break.

Some often find it a relief to learn that mental health conditions can appear together with a physical condition and are nothing to be ashamed of.

Let yourself off the hook.

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