Why a CF Diagnosis Can Make You Feel So Alone

Living with cystic fibrosis(CF) can change everything.

When you hear that someone, whom you love deeply, has been diagnosed with something that is incurable your life changes dramatically. When reading this article about a woman, who has 2 children, who are diagnosed with a serious disease, you can’t help but put yourself in her shoes.

This really hits home with me, because I have 2 children as well. My oldest has a peanut/tree nut allergy. You sit back when you hear your child being diagnosed with something you cannot fix and you immediately feel alone.

The doctor tries to help you feel better, tells you statics, and how many people in the U.S and other parts of the world are affected… but you still feel alone.

People try to help, and try to understand, but that is difficult. Walking in someone’s shoes is really the only way to understand. Mothers do not have an easy job. Just having the title “Mom” adds a lot of stress and worry in your life.

When a diagnosis like CF is added, it does not make things any easier.

I love how this mother is able to express herself and show her vulnerability. That’s a huge step to let the world see that you don’t have it all together. Life is not walking on clouds, having perfect children, and living in a perfect world of butterflies and sunshine. Expressing your feelings, and letting the world into your private battle, is not an easy task.

I am proud of this woman for reaching within herself to share her story with the world. It helps other mothers, who also feel alone, know that there is someone else out there facing a battle, too.

Cystic fibrosis opens your life up to so many things. You battle numerous infections, experience hospital stays, and have to take medicine to help with your symptoms. It does affect your life and everyone else’s life around you.

With that being said, someone who lives with cystic fibrosis, or someone who is a caregiver, needs an outlet. Blogging is a great tool. Talking about your daily struggles and your concerns is good therapy. I encourage everyone to find their outlet.

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