Why Musicians Suffer With Focal Dystonia

Do you experience pain? Weakness? Swelling? Burning sensations? Dull ache over an affected area?

Oddly enough, your career may be the source of your symptoms.

Not to stir panic but focal dystonia should be considered an occupational disorder.

Think of a musician.

One study reveals, “It is estimated that one in 100 musicians may develop focal dystonia, in which the fingers seize up rather than gripping an instrument’s strings.”

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If you are a musician and you are experiencing some symptoms that could be explained as “musician’s cramp”, don’t fright. You’re in luck.

It turns out that Musician’s Focal Dystonia is a condition which can be resolved!

But, let’s first scope some basics about occupational disorders.

What is an Occupational Disorder?

According to the United States Department of Labor, an occupational disease is any chronic ailment that occurs as a result of work or occupational activity.

How is an Occupational Disorder Identified?

Occupational disease is typically identified when it is shown that it is more prevalent in a given body of workers than in the general population, or in other worker populations.

What Causes an Occupational Disorder?

  • Chemical agents
  • Physical agents
  • Biological agents and infectious or parasitic diseases

What are Some Common Types of Occupational Disorders?

Any of these Respiratory/Lung Disease Connections ring a bell?

  • Abestosis and asbestos miners
  • Black lung and coal miners
  • Silicosis and tunnel operators

Poor air quality may predispose for diseases in the lungs as well as in other parts of the body.

How about Skin Disease Connections?

  • Healthcare providers and eczema
  • Hives and hairdressers
  • Sunburn and construction workers

Occupational skin diseases and conditions are generally caused by chemicals and having wet hands for long periods while at work.

What’s the Punchline?

Now that you’ve had a glimpse on occupational disorders, you may be ready to investigate further on focal dystonia.

Consider these resources:

He hopes to foster a better understanding on how it effects those with Kallaman and those around them. It’s inspiring people like Longfei that motivate me to continue spreading awareness and education about my rare disease.

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