Editor’s Choice: The Quest for a Cure

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Acromegaly patients will be interested to see some new research happening in the name of rare disease. Speaking of research, there is a Castleman’s event coming up to benefit finding a cure for this dangerous disease.

Behcet’s is an illness that those around you often cannot understand. Read below to see this blogger’s take on living with Behcet’s. Lastly, we cover a woman’s Addison’s diagnosis, that may have saved her life.

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!




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How This Acromegaly Research Will Change Rare Disease

This research on acromegaly and Laron syndrome is out-of-this-world awesome!

Scientists found that mice taking a certain injection can help combat acromegaly, along with other dangerous conditions. Read more here!

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Quest for a Cure: A Gala for Castleman Disease

Come one, come all and join the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network to raise money supporting Castleman’s research

Get details here.

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How to Keep Going When Your Family Abandons You After Behcet’s

This blogger keeps a sense of humor about her rare disease.

Sometimes you need a breath of fresh air like this blog, to keep a level head while living with chronic illness.

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How Her Addison’s Diagnosis Saved Her Life

Searching for a diagnosis is often an incredibly trying part of rare disease.

In some cases, a misdiagnosed or undiagnosed disease can be fatal. Check out how this patient was able to get what she needed to survive.

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