Courage, Love, Strength: How He Fought Aplastic Anemia

Every now and then, I read a story that reminds me of the power of perseverance and a families love. “Mom, it’s too late. I’m dying” is one of those stories.

From the very beginning you can feel the anguish of this mother’s journey with her son Jake’s battle with aplastic anemia.

From her description of the subtle signs she saw in her son that something wasn’t right to the treatment that has given them hope, I felt a spectrum of emotions as I read each line.

Aplastic anemia is a rare condition that affects the bone marrow – specifically the stem cells within it. This condition is most commonly seen in individuals in their teens to twenties, but is also seen in the elderly.

The cause is believed to be related to:

  • exposure to chemicals,
  • drugs radiation,
  • disease of the immune system,
  • and possibly heredity.

However, in a large amount of cases, the cause is unknown.

Symptoms include anemia which leads to weakness and paleness, as well as associated symptoms. Aplastic anemia is also associated with low platelets which can cause on increase in bruising and possible hemorrhage. Another symptom of this condition is low white blood cells which can lead to an increased risk of infection.

Treatment ranges from daily medication to bone marrow transplants in the most severe of cases. If untreated, this disease can be fatal. So with this definition of this disease, Jake’s story in “Mom, it’s too late. I’m dying” provides a focus that may not be clear to many of us.

I know that at times, myself as a Nurse, I forget the courage a person shows when battling a chronic illness. I felt Jake’s courage and the love and strength of those around him. I feel this story could be an inspiration to anyone who has the pleasure to read it.

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