This is the Kind of Appreciation Good Doctors and Nurses Deserve

Here at Patient Worthy, we’ve written a few articles about misdiagnoses and how sometimes, doctors just aren’t doing their jobs. But I think it’s about time we honor the good doctors and nurses out there who actually live live up to their titles.

Reading this article was like taking a breath of fresh air, if we’re being honest. It’s all about one man’s appreciation for a healthcare team and how he put it into action.

His wife had been under the care of the staff at St. Catherine’s Hospice before she lost her battle with pulmonary hypertension.

Peter, the widower, was so touched by the nurses’ and doctors’ diligent care and concern before his wife passed, that he decided to give back. The hospice is not-for-profit and receives no government funding.

So, what did Peter do?

He asked football fans (soccer fans to us Americans) to wear pink to a local game to raise awareness and encourage financial giving. All proceeds would be given to St. Catherine’s Hospice. But Peter is not stopping there. He’s got more plans for the future to do whatever he can to support the place that took such good care of his wife.

Here’s to the doctors and nurses who are dedicated to their jobs and deserve this kind of appreciation on a daily basis!

Lady Kehveen Abernathy

Lady Kehveen Abernathy

Lady Kehveen Abernathy, of noble birth (or so she’d like to believe), is what many would call a youthful “old soul.” As a self-proclaimed “caregiver to the world,” impassioned about life, triumph, and all things beauty, Lady Kehveen strives to love others, seek understanding, and most importantly, spread awareness. But don’t let her sweet demeanor deceive you. Dressed to the nines over corset and petticoat, she’s made it her mission to defend the innocent and fight all things evil on this Earth. And being no stranger to chronic disease, she knows exactly where to start.

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