The Truth About Addison’s Disease and Useful Technology

Are you looking for an Addison’s disease community so you can share similar experiences and learn more together?

If so, Circle of Moms hosted by Popsugar may have the online support group you’re looking for. And it’s not JUST for moms or even limited to only parents.

After reviewing the posts from the forum, there are a wide variety of voices and participants to share and learn from.

What is Addison’s disease?

Addison’s disease creates an imbalance in the body.

One way the body keeps itself in balance is by using chemical messengers called hormones to regulate various functions. Just above each of the kidneys is a small adrenal gland. These glands makes hormones essential to a healthy life. When they don’t make enough of these hormones, Addison’s disease is the result.

Being diagnosed with this rare disorder can come as a blow.

Digesting news of your disease can bring a flood of emotions.

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Kind of like this. Source:

One way to manage the “flood gates” is to reach out to others who are living with the same disease.

Problem is that only one in 100,000 people has it. Thus, the likelihood of finding someone in your local area may be pretty low – and a disheartening reality.

Why Seek Support?

Some days, you may be tempted to pretend you never received your diagnosis. However, facing your diagnosis head on is the best way to cope.

As you come to terms with your diagnosis and managing your Addison’s disease, an online community may be the answer you’re looking for – help you try to see things from another’s perspective and keep the lines of communication open with people on the same journey.

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You never know. Your post may be the words that someone else needs to hear. You could feel accomplished when you contribute useful information to the online community.

You may help a fellow online participant with a problem. Most people need to feel important in some way or form. By helping others, you can gain a feeling of being needed and appreciated by others – may be a much needed confidence boost and give you a greater purpose.

Or maybe you’re motivated to contribute to the community in the expectation that you will receive useful help and information in return.

Either way, there is a sense of belonging and identifying with a community; an emotional safety net powered by exchanging and sharing on the internet.

Consider taking advantage of the Addison’s disease online community.

Membership is just one click away.

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