CF Siblings: It’s Complicated, But You Can Help This Family

There comes the time when families ask the question,”When should we have another baby?” After having one child, and knowing the responsibilities that you have to take on, it can make the decision difficult. As a mother you know that you will not get to rest during the second pregnancy like you did the first. You also ask, “Can I take care of two children at the same time?” Then you think, “Well they can play with each other, so that will help me get some chores done.” Well with this family they do not have that luxury.

Zoe Fuhr and her partner, Chris Clowser, did not know that they both carried the gene for cystic fibrosis. Their daughter was diagnosed at six weeks of age. They both really did not know what cystic fibrosis was, so they did some research. What they discovered was heartbreaking.

After much thought they decided to have a second child. They were told by their doctors that the chances of having a second child with cystic fibrosis was one in four. So, they took the chance and had a beautiful little boy. Their little boy was also diagnosed at six weeks old. Knowing that both of their children has this disease was difficult, but they were glad that the children could face it together.

Everyone has thought about having more children, so their child will never have to be without a friend. I personally have two daughters and they are the best of friends. They are three years apart and love each other so much. The difficult thing with cystic fibrosis is that it limits your friends.

If you have cystic fibrosis you can not be close to someone with cystic fibrosis due to the possibility of sharing dangerous germs.

The mucus build up lets bacteria harbor in the lungs. That is why it has be to moved as much as possible. Each of these beautiful children have to take as many as 45 pills each daily, and also have to go through physiotherapy for an hour twice a day. The doctors have told Fuhr that she needs to keep them apart. It’s difficult to imagine having to tell a brother and sister that they are not allowed to play together. They each have to play in a separate room, and the definitely cannot do their treatments together. The children are also not allowed to share a bedroom either.

I just know that has to put some stress on a family. It’s difficult to explain to a child why they cannot play with someone or not do a certain thing.

My oldest daughter is severely allergic to peanuts. She is now five, but trying to watch and protect a two-four year old from peanuts was difficult, just due to the fact that she did not understand. My heart and prayers go out to this beautiful family.

They are also trying to raise money to help with the purchase of an airway clearance vest machine for the children. This machine can be worn and can help move the mucus out of their airways. These can help the children with their symptoms and also make their lives so much easier. Each vest is expensive, but they are an investment that will truly better the lives of these children.

Click here to visit their family website and donate to their cause.

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