Faced with DMD, This Family Set Out to Travel the World

Greece, Italy, Egypt, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Wales, Scotland, Ireland – these are all countries the Beaulieu family has explored.

And the family has explored them all in the midst of navigating Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

It’s quite the adventure story, documented beautifully in this short film about how they don’t let DMD stop them from traveling: “Changing Lives Every Breath: The Beaulieu Family.”

The video opens with stunning wide shots of Yukon Territory. Michelle jogs through the scene and, in a voiceover, begins sharing the family’s experiences.

Michelle and Steve have always been adventurous. They married and soon began the adventure of parenting three kids: Ross, Finn and Dawson. The discovery that Ross and Finn had Duchenne muscular dystrophy changed their world.

A genetic disorder, DMD causes muscle weakness and degeneration in boys. There’s no cure, and the disease can significantly shorten one’s lifespan. There’s also no treatment, but certain supports can help. In the case of the Beaulieu family, ResMed’s life support ventilators have helped (ResMed produced the documentary).

One day, Steve told Michelle:

“We’re taking them to Egypt. I don’t care how we do it.”

That’s exactly what they did. And they didn’t stop traveling. Michelle talks in the film about how much joy traveling and adventuring brought Ross, Finn and the family.

The video shows the family on some of these adventures, from pictures of their travels to scenes of them camping at Kathleen Lake in Canada.

It’s only seven minutes long, but the documentary also includes poignant moments of family members discussing fears, hopes, their love for each other.

“I do think that there is a gift in all of this, as difficult as it is,” Michelle admits, at one point.

“it’s given me an appreciation for all of the experiences that I get to have with the boys…For us, every day, every moment, every breath is priceless, and we’ll cherish it for as long as we can.”

The Beaulieu family inspires us all to make the most of every single day, despite what life throws our way.

Check out the documentary here. It’s well worth the watch.

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