Big Brother Running 2,107 Miles in Support of SMA

Carl Rooney has seen everything SMA Support UK has done for his younger brother, Daniel. That’s why he’s running 2,107 miles.

Carl is from an English town called St. Ives, and his brother, Daniel, 35, was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Since the age of six, Daniel has been wheelchair-bound.

SMA Support UK advocates for better services for people living with SMA and also raises awareness and helps fund research for the disease. The organization has done so much to support Daniel, and Carl wanted to thank them. He’s thanking the organization by giving back.

Carl chose SMA Support UK because it was an organization so near and dear to his heart. Last year, he fundraised for the organization by growing his hair out for the entire year. He raised £4,500.

This year, he is looking forward to using running as a fundraiser. His goal? Raise £2,017 for SMA Support UK. For each mile, he wants to raise at least one pound.

Carl hopes to run 2,017 miles during the 2017 fundraiser. He is looking for support from family, friends, and others through newspapers and social media outlets. He will raise money by running 10Ks, half marathons, and other marathons throughout the year.

By February of this year, he had completed 190 miles. He prepared for nearly a year and a half and does not have any plans of stopping.

Everyone is rooting for him and giving him the support he needs to meet his goal. He stated that the support motivates him even more. Carl currently has three marathons, as well as a few half marathons, lined up.

You can support Carl and SMA Support UK on his Just Giving page. Read more about Carl’s story here.

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