Teens with Von Willebrand and Other Bleeding Disorders Take to the Runway

Twenty-three teenagers living with rare diseases worked the runway at a recent fashion show in Texas. Sixteen-year-old Maggie, living with Von Willebrand disease, was one of the models for the show.

The annual fashion show gives these teens a moment of not focusing on the disease or disorder they are living with. The event also raises money for the Hungry Bunch group within the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center at Dell Children’s Medical Center.

Each girl gets the chance to show their personality when they walk down the runway. One person may wink, while another takes a selfie. It is all up to the girls, because it is their time to shine.

This annual event gives each person the opportunity to be and feel confident, beautiful, and powerful.

In preparation for the show, the girls get to pick out what they want to rock on the runaway. And at the show, they get the full experience and work with stylists. Each special teen gets pampered and receives a back massage. Once the show is about to begin, they get their hair done and make up done. The show-runner even demonstrates ways they can walk the runway.

The Hungry Bunch is a peer group where teens undergoing treatments can meet and talk. With the Hungry Bunch, teens like Maggie can make friends with their peers they can relate to. The fashion show exists to celebrate and pamper the girls that go through so much.

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