Transverse Myelitis Diagnosed a Month After Hospital Visit

Kyrus Rogers a former security guard was supposedly misdiagnosed when an emergency room physician apparently failed to run diagnostics for transverse myelitis (TM).

Rogers, once a healthy, athletic 30-something, is now a quadriplegic due to this incident. His attorney believes that he is entitled to $20 million as a compensation. In comparison, a lawyer from the hospital stated that TM is a very rare condition, so the doctor’s actions could be considered reasonable in the situation. This lawsuit was filed in 2013 for not diagnosing or treating Rogers for TM.

Transverse myelitis causes pressure and swelling on the spine. If left untreated, the pressure and swelling on the spine can cause permanent paralysis. Before the diagnosis, Rogers was in excellent health. He was rushed to the hospital after collapsing on his driveway. The doctor failed to order steroid which would’ve decreased swelling and maybe stop the disease from progressing. Also, he did not request an MRI. The MRI would have showed spinal lesions at that time. Instead the doctor told him it was just muscle aches and stress. He received to pills and was sent home.

A month later, the spinal lesions grew. Then Rogers could not walk any longer. Fortunately, Rogers will get the care he needs from the settlement. Transverse myelitis so rare that even veteran doctors haven’t seen it throughout their career.

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