This Organization is an Exemplar of Rare Patient Support

Every rare disease patient deserves an organization dedicated to working towards their specific condition.

These organizations provide invaluable patient advocacy, information, support, and research funding for small communities that need the representation and recognition of an organized group.

The Autoinflammatory Alliance, formerly known as The NOMID Alliance, does this and more.

This outstanding resource is a nonprofit public charity organization that is dedicated to helping the people affected by systemic autoinflammatory diseases and raising awareness about these rare conditions. The website can help patients to connect with others, get involved with other online communities and events, and see photos from other patients.

In doing so, the Autoinflammmatory Alliance acts as a “united voice worldwide” that helps foster collaboration and communication between healthcare providers, their patients, and researchers working to develop the latest therapies for autoinflammatory diseases.

People across the United States have been helped by the Autoinflammatory Alliance. Many have cited this fantastic organization as helping provide information to family members, offering support and coping mechanisms, and even assisting in the diagnosing process for others.

It is described as being a “life-saver,” “absolutely amazing,” and “there for us when this illness takes a turn for the worse.”

Even though many patients and families with autoinflammatory diseases may feel like they are alone, the Autoinflammatory Alliance, and the resources it provides, will always be there.

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