Innovative Pill Relieves “Suicide Headache” For Trigeminal Neuralgia

Those who have received the diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia can experience sudden pain in the jaw, cheeks, and forehead.

This pain can last seconds to a few minutes. Some people with the condition may have up to 100 attacks in one day. The pain is so terrible that some have committed suicide.

However, a new pill will bring hope to those who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia.

This is the first drug trial designed specifically for those with the condition. The drug’s codename is BIIB074. Currently, there is not a cure for trigeminal neuralgia. Anti-epileptic medicines are the main treatment. These medicines can help relieve the excruciating pain but they come with a variety of side effects. For example, they can affect one’s memory, cognition, and speaking ability.

The new medicine will block pain transmission. The United Kingdom published a study that indicated a 30% reduction in pain for patients in the study. There were 29 patients involved in the study. This included participants in both the United Kingdom and other countries.

In contrast to the epilepsy drugs, this medicine will focus on targeting pain communication directly in the trigeminal nerve. The epilepsy drugs affect the entire brain system, which is why there are a number of associated side effects.

The drug company will have a larger study in order to market the drug. This drug will help many people living with trigeminal neuralgia.

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