Lights! Camera! Eczema! A Day in a Life with Severe Atopic Dermatitis

Bleach baths. Hairbrushes. Scratching at skin lesions. Such is daily life when trying to find relief for the itching of severe atopic dermatitis (AD)–commonly called eczema. Now, these challenges are exposed in a new short film, according to a press release from Sanofi Worldwide.

Peter Moffat is perhaps best known for being Executive Producer of The Night Of series by HBO. Based on the BBC show, Criminal Justice, Moffat developed The Night Of’s main character with a specific trait that he understood all too well—severe atopic dermatitis (AD). Moffat shared his own experiences with AD through embattled trial lawyer, John Stone, putting a real face on the personal, social, and professional struggles of working in the public eye with AD.

Moffat is very familiar with the struggles of people with AD. He’s been dealing with the rare skin disease since he was diagnosed at age six. The chronic inflammatory condition causes itchy, dry skin that “leaks” when scratched or irritated. There is currently no cure for AD. The skin lesions are often treated with a mix of at-home remedies, medication, and therapies.

His most recent creative endeavor offers a poignant and desperate look at living day-to-day with AD. This short film, called Understand AD: A Day in the Life, offers an everyday picture of what a person may do to get some sense of relief from the unrelenting itching and pain of AD. Through the film, Moffat hopes to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of living with the condition.

The short is written and narrated by Moffat and is supported by a website to help support people looking for answers. The website offers profile stories, fact sheets, and additional resources through the National Eczema Association.

Click here, to view Understand AD: A Day in the Life.

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