Would You Use a Vibrating Tuner to Treat Chronic Pain?

The story starts with Cheryl and Sharik Peck, a couple in Richmond, Virginia. It was an oddly convenient pairing: Cheryl dealt with chronic pain, and Sharik, a physical therapist, worked with patients who suffered from different sources of chronic pain, such as migraines or fibromyalgia.

Cheryl had spent years with a condition that resisted treatment. She had extreme neck pain which prevented her from making a side-to-side head motion. It interfered with daily tasks, such as driving, but Sharik didn’t know what to do. He wanted to help, especially since he was a physical therapist by nature, but he simply wasn’t sure if he knew how to. H didn’t have the right tools; he didn’t even know if they existed.

10 years ago, he woke up in the middle of the night with a sudden revelation. He told his wife that he needed an electric toothbrush.

While Cheryl wasn’t excited to be woken, this was the beginning of an idea that helped alleviate her chronic pain. It took seven years of tweaking, researching the effects of vibration on the nervous system, and a $130,000 kickstarter before Sharik released Rezzimax Tuner. It’s small device, about $250, that you can hold in your hand, and it operates by addressing the different pressure points associated with pain. It works comparably to a violin tuner, vibrating to tune the body into a more comfortable state.

Sharik explains to KSL how the device works. He says that the devices must be balanced exactly right, the same as an orchestra. The resonance calms the vagus nerve, which connects to many internal organs. When the body is tense, the vagus nerve doesn’t operate correctly, but the vibrations from the tuner can help calm it. This may sound crazy, but isn’t a totally unheard of concept. Many scientists believe that when a cat purrs, it is also using vibration to heal.

The effects vary from one patient to the next, but Cheryl’s pain is essentially healed. It also relieves patients who suffer from migraines and joint pain. Dentist, Dr. Brandon Priebe, uses it on his patients who grind their teeth or need help recovering from a dental operation. He agrees, the device doesn’t work for everybody, but it’s a great, noninvasive way to relieve pain in many of his patients.

Betty Ferrell, a nurse who had almost lost hope on mitigating her chronic pain from trigeminal neuralgia swears by the Rezzimax tuner. Trigeminal neuralgia is a rare condition, which affects the trigeminal nerve, causing extreme facial pain. To learn more about trigeminal neuralgia, click here.

She had actually doubted that it could work. She had lost thousands of dollars searching for an elusive treatment, for a way that she could go back to her life as a grandma, nurse, mom, friend, and wife, uninhibited by pain. After a few months of using the tuner, she found that she was feeling better than ever before– she even was able to go off her medicines. She’s delighted to finally live a life where she’s free– free from chronic pain, and free to pursue her passions. She’s incredibly grateful for this new device, and says she can’t thank its creator enough.

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