Trial Commences Over Continued Life Support For 11-Month-Old Child

London specialists at the King’s College hospital believe they should take an 11-month-old baby Isaiah suffering from multiple diseases off life support to avoid any further pain, reported The Guardian. Isaiah was diagnosed with multiple disorders such as dystonia, spasticity, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. All of these conditions have contributed to his state, which relies on constant care and life support. While specialists believe taking him off life support is in the child’s best interested, the parents think otherwise and are fighting them in court.

It is a muddy and difficult decision to make considering the lack of “life” the boy has displayed. The specialists have not been able to prove that he feels anything, emotionally or physically. He does not respond to his environment, is barely conscious and needs assistance from a ventilator to breathe. He also cannot move on his own and shows no signs as to a consistent sleeping and waking schedule. The specialists continue to express that while he may be alive, but he may never be able to actually live.

While they want him to avoid a life of constant pain, the parents believe they have overlooked something. They’ve expressed they’ve seen him respond to their cuddles and touch. They want him to be able to go home and have continued ventilation. The only option would be for him to have a tracheotomy so that at home he could have the assisted breathing. Yet, with this, there is an increased risk of serious infection which could lead him back to the hospital. He would need around the clock assistance.

Now the hospital faces Isaiah’s father in court. The father, a lawyer, is representing himself as he fights for the life of his baby. He strongly believes Isaiah feels and deserves life, even if it’s a restricted life.  The specialists on the other hand have never seen any signs of consciousness, besides hints that he feels pain during injections. From this, they see his continued life only being a never ending pit of pain and they think it is of his best interest to take him off life support.

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