No-Cost Disease Diagnosis and Immunoglobulin Therapies Now Available to Children with Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases

Primary immunodeficiency diseases account for hundreds of rare and chronic diseases. In children, this may mean that their immune system is non-existent or doesn’t perform as expected. To learn more about these rare diseases, please click here.

After joining forces with the Foundation of Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (USA), King George’s Medical University (Lucknow) will be able to provide no-cost disease diagnosis and immunoglobulin therapy to children in need. While thought of as rare, children suffering from immunodeficiency diseases find their immune systems are missing or functioning improperly. As a result, these children would have a considerably shorter lifespan with no treatment. The new partnership and expertise from both sides will give these suffering children a new lease on life.

Read more about this on India Times here.

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