Charity Screening Event for Mitochondrial Disease A Hit Success

Peter Kay, a British comedian and actor, organised a screening of four episodes of his hit TV series Car Share in order to raise awareness and donations for a charity that supports children diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, reports the Manchester Evening News. This event has proven so popular that it sold out within minutes, and two extra screenings have been released to cope with demand.
This is the actor’s first return to social media after he cancelled his tour for family reasons several months ago. He says that he has “first hand experience” of the Lily Foundation’s work, and he is proud to be able to help them.

Mitochondrial disease is a lifelong, inherited genetic disorder that prevents mitochondria from producing energy. Since mitochondria are part of every cell, the disease has the potential to affect any region in the body. This means that its symptoms are varied and often difficult to diagnose. The most common markers of the disease include seizures, poor growth, heart and lung disease, neurological issues, learning disabilities, and muscle weakness. Although the disease can affect both children and adults, the Lily Foundation mainly works to improve the lives of children.

A woman called Liz Curtis created the Foundation in 2007 in memory of Lily, her daughter. Lily was born with a mitochondrial disease and died at only eight months old. The lack of specialist doctors and available support for her and her daughter led her to rely on friends and family for advice and support. Eventually this expanded to become a national charity. Since then, it has invested over one million pounds (1.4 million US dollars) into research, supported countless families, and developed a new diagnostic technique for the disease. The charity’s website also provides accessible advice for families with mitochondrial disease, including information about the disease, the medical support available, and government benefits that people may be entitled to.

To raise money for the Lily Foundation, Peter Kay organised the screening of four episodes of the series Car Share at Blackpool Opera House in Manchester on the 7th April. Car Share was a very popular BAFTA-Award winning series, and because tickets proved so popular a second matinee showing was added. This again sold out within minutes, and now a third event has been organised to cope with demand. These events were the first showing of two of the episodes: an anticipated series finale of the show, and a second, unscripted episode. The successful BBC show follows the daily car commute to work of John (Peter Kay), and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson). Kay surprised his fans by showing up himself at the event.
This event was a great opportunity to raise awareness and donations for mitochondrial disease and the Lily Foundation. Audience members discussed how thrilled they were with the show, and a powerful foundation found itself ahead.

Anna Hewitt

Anna Hewitt

Anna is from England and recently finished her undergraduate degree. She has an interest in medicine and enjoys writing. In her spare time she likes to cook, hike, and hang out with cats.

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