10 Fundraising Tips for Your Foundation: Reporting from the WFH Congress

1. Start planning your fundraiser early.

Logistics take time.

2. Know your audience.

There are a million good causes in the world to donate to. You have to know who is most willing to donate to your specific cause and what would convince these individuals to make a contribution.

3. Make it easy for your donors to make their donation.

If you’re using a website, the link should be clearly visible and the website should be easy to navigate. If you’re fundraising in person, try to have a few different means of accepting donations (cash, card, check, etc.). If people can’t afford to contribute financially, try to think of other ways that they can get involved or other ways they can help your organization.

4. Show that your fundraiser has tangible outcomes.

Where exactly does the money go? Who does it help?

5. Make an emotional connection to the cause.
6. Make it clear that you are organized, coordinated, and professional.

This is evident in how you portray your information.

7. Use clear language to illustrate your goals.
8. Frame your fundraiser as a vision that others can share.
9. Once your fundraiser is over, follow it up with a story.

Put a face to the cause, contact your donors, and show them the impact their donation had.


Remember that all changes ultimately started with one individual who not only had a dream but the determination to pursue it.

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