Watch: HBO’s John Oliver Deep Dives into Gene Editing/CRISPR

For any John Oliver fans out there, you know his thing is deep-diving into topics of importance – from beauty pageants to international elections to failing American infrastructure – just to name a few!

On his show last Sunday (July 1st) he devoted his time to gene editing – which has been all the rage lately in medical circles.

As a quick reminder, gene editing (and CRISPR, the DNA sequence) in a nutshell is the ability to alter DNA code.

We here at Patient Worthy have written about it several times!

As a quick reminder, the promise of gene editing is that it could one day cure thousands of diseases – many of them rare and hereditary diseases (you know – what we cover here on PW!) – although moral issues and the vastly untested science of it all remains hot topic issues.

But why am I still writing – get to watching and laughing and learning!

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