“Just Like You” Dolls for Conditions like Cerebral Palsy

Just Like You Dolls

Just Like You Dolls is a family owned business based in Australia. They design dolls to match their child owner as closely as possible. This includes any medical devices the child may have. Their hope is that by making the toy industry more diverse they will help children with rare conditions build self-confidence and feel less alone.

“Dolls help children to develop imagination, creativity, social skills and empathy. But a relatable doll promotes inclusion.”

These dolls also help young patients learn compliance, as the child can help their doll care for their condition the way they need to care for themselves. They can bring the doll with them scary appointments or procedures, providing them a sense of comfort. Ultimately, these dolls are meant to bring joy into the lives of children who may not have had the easiest start to their life.

How it All Began

The family who created this organization started it almost by accident. Their daughter was born with Moderate to Profound Hearing loss and at just 9 months old received a cochlear implant. Her name is Bella and she’s always loved dolls. However, the family thought a doll with a cochlear implant as opposed to a normal doll would be more relatable for her. They thought it would help her to better understand the device she would have to live the rest of her life with. For two years they searched for a doll that came with a hearing implant and for two years they came across nothing.

So, they finally decided to create their own doll. It’s now spread into a full business, as the family hopes to help other parents find relatable toys for their children with rare conditions.

Types of Dolls

Dolls come in both anatomically correct form or in plush characters like Disney princesses Anna and Elsa! You can then pick which type of medical devices you want the doll to come with. These include- walkers (which were made with children with Cerebral Palsy in mind), stomas and bags, gastro buttons, PEG and naso-gastric tubes, glasses, a trachy, central line (single or dual), full diabetes kits, insulin pens, blood glucose monitors (including continuous glucose monitors), diabetes test strips, insulin pumps, finger lancet pens, hearing aids (basic and bone conduction aids), and cochlear implants (normal and cordless).

They are continuously working to expand the devices offered. If you don’t see a device you need listed they encourage you to check out their Facebook page where you can provide feedback.


The company ships all over the world. Each doll and item is purchased separately and then assembled by hand before it is mailed to you. You should expect your doll to ship approximately two weeks after the custom order is placed.

Unfortunately, you probably can’t buy one of these dolls this holiday season because they’re already almost sold out of all of their products for the year. However, you can preorder now to have a doll delivered in early 2019!

Check out the website here!

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