Scholarships are Available for the 2019 International Pain Summit Which Will be Held in LA this November


The International Pain Foundation (IPain) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting those with chronic pain due to neurological, musculoskeletal, inflammatory, degenerative, and emotional conditions. They aim to improve access to care and quality of care for patients across the globe.

They have four main focus areas including- education, awareness, social, and access to care. IPain is committed to excellence, leadership, and patient empowerment.

One of their annual programs to support this mission is the IPain Summit. The 12th annual event is coming up in just a few months! If you suffer from chronic pain due to Dystonia, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, or other condition, we highly encourage you to consider attending!

IPain Summit

The 2019 International Pain Summit will be held November 14th through 16th in Los Angeles, California.

“The International Pain Summit unlocks power within each attendee to help fulfill lives and successfully manage the treatment for those living with chronic pain.”

This annual event brings together patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Attendees include people who work at pain practices, nonprofits, academic institutions, hospitals, health companies, and state agencies. It provides these individuals a venue where they can share stories, information and knowledge with one another. Providers, patients, and caregivers alike can learn the newest tools to combat chronic pain.

This information is shared in various educational sessions and an exhibit area, in addition to conversations with one another throughout the Summit. This conference is hands-on and discussion based. The sessions will cover a wide variety of topics, and will focus on the multi-modality approach to care. Some topics which will be covered include-

  • Improving diagnosis
  • Prescription monitoring programs
  • Virtual reality
  • Homeopathy
  • Proper Opioid Management
  • Bench to bedside translation of science
  • Best practices for treatment
  • Patient and caregiver tips for navigating the health system
  • Promising, new therapeutic strategies
    • Pharmacotherapy
    • Stem cell therapy
    • Neuromodulation
  • The latest multidisciplinary and multimodal advances to managing chronic pain

If you would like to register for the Summit as a sponsor or an exhibitor, you can find more information on the website or by calling 1-480-882-1342.

The questions healthcare professionals and patients have surrounding chronic pain are complicated. But events like this one which feature presentations by experts can help to simplify the solutions and provide attendees a deeper understanding of their options.

“The chronic pain community has never been more ready for solutions and education as it is today.”

You can use the hashtag #iPainSummit2019 to keep up to date on the event and share your own experience during the conference!

If you would love to attend but are not physically able to, don’t fret! The Summit will be live streamed so that patients and caregivers can also listen remotely.


IPain is committed to ensuring everyone who desires is able to attend this event.

The organization is generously awarding 100 scholarships to patients and caregivers looking to attend the Summit. This scholarship information and application is posted on their website.

If you don’t receive a scholarship, there is still another option for financial support! IPain is also offering a discount code for patients and caregivers that offers 90% off the tuition price. This code is iPain90. However, this code is only available till July 6th so don’t miss out!

There is also a discount code available for providers. You can use Provider25 until August 31st for 25% off your tuition cost!

Patients, caregivers, and providers won’t want to miss this educational and community-based event!

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