First Participant Dosed in Phase 1 Clinical Trial for Investigational Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Cyxone has just announced that the first person has been dosed in their Phase 1 clinical trial for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This trial is investigating the effect of T20K. It aims to evaluate the tolerability and the safety of the drug in humans by monitoring its effect in healthy, male volunteers. These volunteers will have the levels of T20K in their blood calculated after they have been dosed with the drug.

Hopefully, this trial will continue to show this treatments potential for MS.

The study

This trial is taking place in the Netherlands.

Cyxone first began recruiting participants for this trial in June of 2019. The impressive recruitment time has allowed this company to move quickly into the investigation. They thank their partner, QPS Netherlands for their swift but thorough screening of potential healthy volunteers.

The investigation will start with one cohort who will receive one dose of T20K by infusion. Then, if needed, a second cohort of volunteers will receive two doses of the therapy. Each of the cohorts will have 8 participants.

Preclinical Studies

In preclinical investigations, T20K showed potential to not only prevent Multiple Sclerosis episodes, but to delay the progression of the disease. Currently, there are no approved treatments which are specifically aimed at early disease intervention.

Preclinical studies also showed that the treatment had a low toxicity level. Additionally, researchers believe it could be administered at low doses infrequently because of its absorption and distribution properties. This means that patients would potentially only need to receive an infusion every other week or even every month.   

Looking Forward

The company expects to complete this investigation in the second half of this year. An announcement will be provided to the public once the last participant in the 2nd cohort has received their last dose of the treatment.

We are all hoping for positive results from this trial, which could eventually lead to a new therapeutic option for Multiple Sclerosis patients.

You can read more about this potential treatment for Multiple Sclerosis here.

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