Editor’s Choice: Rare Patient Innovation and Support

Happy Thursday everyone!

This week, we’re highlights two stories about patients taking action to solve problems in their life: one patient innovates to improve their care, and another starts a rare support group. We also have an article about increasing MS treatment prices, and news about research into the origins of Parkinson’s disease.


Ulcerative Colitis Patient has Invented a New Device Which Could Improve Care for Many

Who knows what patients need better than patients themselves?


Study Finds Prices for Multiple Sclerosis Drugs are Going Up: We Need to Do Better

Not only is this prices increase a burden for patients, but it jeopardizes their access to necessary care.


After Facing Her Son’s Diagnosis, This Mom Started a PFIC Support Organization

When your child has a rare diagnosis, it may be hard to find other who can relate to your journey. This mother took matters into her own hands,


Some Researchers Believe Parkinson’s Disease May Begin in the Gut

The gut impacts many functions of the body… and potentially plays a big role in Parkinson’s.

Do you have a rare disease experience of your own? Share with us here.

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