What if the World Always Thought of the Immunocompromised as They are Right Now?

If the world were as careful in everyday life

Perhaps I’d be sick less, I’d feel much less strife

It’s the small precautions, like washing your hands

That for me distinguish from health and hospital land 

Every day I must be careful, keep my distance, sanitize 

If others always did the same, I’d live a very different life 

For the immunocompromised, this is our normal

Doing what we can to enjoy life in a bubble 

Its so nice to see those who are now doing their part 

People are feeling compassion, acting with heart 

They are covering their cough with their arm or elbow

And making hand sanitizer out of aloe 

They’re scrubbing stores from top to bottom 

Cleaning gyms twice a day- imagine if this were common?

I live my life in constant fear of infection

Others now feel this anxiety, so they’re feeling connection 

Of course I wish it didn’t take a global pandemic 

For others to become so empathetic 

But when this all ends I’m hopeful for lasting changes 

As people realize they can be asymptomatic but contagious 

When this all ends, don’t stop thinking about your loved ones

Continue acting for those who live with daily precautions 

When this all ends, remember what the fear felt like

Continue doing your part to help us live a normal life 

Think of the elderly, and those with rare diseases 

Remember your impact, and for goodness sake cover your sneezes


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