I Am Patient: Why We’re Staying Home

I Am Patient: Why We’re Staying Home


Patient Worthy’s main focus is to share information and help patientin any way we can.  We recently saw this video and thought that it was relevant for our followers. Created by Snow Companies, iis a virtually co-created user-generated video content with patients from across the world.

The video I AM PATIENT gives the current effort to combat the coronavirus a face: Real people living with underlying health challenges, whose life is at risk if they contract the virus, have sent in their contributions. I AM PATIENT drives home the point that we all need to be patient during this difficult time: Stay at home; wash your hands; stay away from large groups. Because today, we are all patient.

We contacted Brenda Snow, the Founder & CEO of Snow Companies, and she said, “We felt we have a social responsibility. I live with multiple sclerosis, so for me it’s personal. We are connected to so many patients with different diseases, we needed to help them get the word out that we can all save lives.”

I AM PATIENT is urging people to heed the warnings and comply with the recommendations about social distancing, hygiene, and public health in order to support the healthcare workers on the frontline. It also encourages viewers to use the hashtag #IAmPatient to show your support for the effort to suppress the spread of the virus. Today, it’s not just patients who need to have patience. Let’s all be patient.

We encourage all of you to share this video in your social networks – to spread the message far and wide.  Let’s try to do our part to keep everyone safe.

Thinking of you all during this time – please stay home and away from large groups.

-The Patient Worthy Team

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