Help Manage Chronic Kidney Disease During the Holiday Feast in 6 Steps

This year’s typical holiday dinner will tip the scales at more than 3,000 calories. With appetizers and a drink or two, you’re looking at more than 4,500 calories—for one meal. If you’re watching your weight or managing a condition like chronic kidney disease (CKD) a little planning goes a long way when it comes to managing the calories in these massive meals, according to an online article from DaVita Kidney Care.

Getting through the holidays without over-indulging and breaking out the XL stretchy pants can be a challenge, especially if you have unique dietary needs. Here are a few tips to help you better manage your calories to enjoy your holiday meals.

  1. Don’t skip meals on the big day. During the holidays, we tend to be surrounded by food all day long. The best strategy to not arrive famished and ready to fight the youngsters for the last yeast roll is to eat both a light, well-balanced breakfast and lunch. This will help you not overeat when the main course is served.
  2. Choose carefully. Be careful to limit salty foods that might make you drink too many fluids. Stuffing and gravy are the usual suspects. Ask your renal specialist for where other dangers may be lurking.
  3. Control your plate. Manage your plate. By keeping your portions down to a spoonful of each side dish, your plate will be full of variety, rather than overflowing with oversized portions.
  4. Cut the fat. Creamy casseroles are often rich in potassium and sodium and should be limited. By removing the skin from the turkey and the fat from the roast beef, you can feel good about the main entrée.
  5. Don’t deny the dessert. Dessert is the best part. If you stick to fruit pies, pound cake, or meringue-based treats, you’ll enjoy the sweet treats, too.
  6. Bring your own diet-friendly dishes. Kidney-friendly dishes are always welcome at any dinner table. By creating your own yummy masterpieces, family and friends will learn to appreciate your use of healthy substitutions to save them on calories, too.

With a little pre-planning, you can easily cut down the heavy holiday feasting and still have a holly jolly meal.

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