AllStripes Secures $50 Million for Rare Disease Research

Developing therapies for rare diseases can be difficult, and it often requires effort from many different players. Recently, AllStripes has made large steps forward in rare disease research by securing $50 million towards medical record mining. This money will aid the company’s efforts in evaluating medical records for insights that are helpful to drug development. 

AllStripes for Rare Disease Research

With $50 million secured, AllStripes plans to launch 100 digital research platforms that will search for insights across various rare diseases. This includes sickle cell anemia, Hunter syndrome, Batten disease, and more. The platforms will examine and evaluate de-identified data from real patients in order to improve the design of rare disease studies and quality of life (QOL) measurements. 

AllStripes intends to improve the treatment and research landscapes for rare disease patients, and they know that working with other organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies and patient advocacy groups, is essential. In fact, AllStripes has teamed up with over 30 patient groups and a number of drug developers, such as Novartis. 

Now that the group has secured this funding, they will be able to do more to help rare disease patients. They plan to expand their digital research platforms, along with their global operations. To learn more about this funding and AllStripes, you can find the source article here

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