This Teen is Recovering After Eight Months of MIS-C

It’s no secret that COVID-19 can cause lasting effects on those it infects. Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve learned a lot more about this virus, including its connection to post-viral conditions like multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). Nikko Dalesandro has experienced this firsthand. He is now on the road to recovery after battling with MIS-C for the past eight months.

Nikko’s Story

Back in January, Nikko had to be rushed to Dell Children’s Medical Center after he was unable to get rid of a fever. It was here that he was diagnosed with MIS-C. After this initial diagnosis, he spent the next four days in the hospital, in which he experienced severe symptoms. In his words, “It was not fun.”

Nikko’s parents, Claudia and David, were terrified while watching their son battle MIS-C. Their child was vomiting and in pain with a high fever, and there was nothing they could do to help. While their son is now on his way to recovery, they’re closely monitoring his condition. Their fear is that lasting cardiac damage could impact Nikko’s life for a long time.

After eight months of hard work and sickness, Nikko is finally getting better. Hopefully, he’ll soon be able to fish, play sports, and get back to what he enjoys. While he’s ecstatic to be healing, he also wants to give a message to the public.

He wants everyone to best protect themselves from the pandemic so nobody has to endure what he did. Wear a mask and get vaccinated! It protects you and those around you! Dr. Hasbani and Dr. Hauge of Dell Children’s Medical Center point out that getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent a severe case of COVID-19 as well.

Looking Forward

In an effort to better understand and treat MIS-C, there are a number of research efforts, one of which is the MUSIC study. It is still ongoing, but medical professionals have already learned that some treatments can be implemented earlier, which stops some patients from requiring a transfer to the ICU.

Additionally, the CDC is looking into cases of MIS-C, along with the adult form of the condition, known as MIS-A. According to the organization, there have been numerous cases reported since June.

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