24-Year-Old Jordan Shares Experiences with Crohn’s Disease


When Jordan Lambropoulos was younger, she seemed to always be ill. She struggles to remember a time in her childhood where she would characterize herself as “healthy.” Even doctors were unsure of what was going on; some believed that she had pneumonia. It wasn’t until Jordan was nine years old that she was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, shares the Daily Mail

Jordan’s Story

Jordan and her family were slightly scared and overwhelmed by the diagnosis. But they committed to making sure that Jordan had the best life possible. Unfortunately, her Crohn’s disease is aggressive. Without any periods of remission, Jordan experienced weeks, months, and even years of intense symptoms. Finally, in 2014, she underwent open bowel surgery. This surgery was designed to prevent or reduce any bowel infections, as well as ensure that the bowel is as clean and active as possible.

Unfortunately, the surgery was less than successful. Although it seemed as though Jordan was recovering over the month following her surgery, symptoms kicked in at just four weeks. Facing a bowel obstruction and severe inflammation, Jordan had to undergo surgery to remove part of her colon. To Jordan, this is an important part of living with Crohn’s disease that she wants people to understand–that the complications can be dangerous, serious, and even life-threatening. 

But that wasn’t the end of the surgical journey for Jordan. She has also undergone a bowel resection, as well as two open bowel surgeries in 2020 to manage and remove thickened areas of the small bowel. 

Management of Crohn’s Disease

To manage her condition, Jordan has a colostomy bag. She also eats a bland diet, does not consume alcohol, and requires her colon to be cleaned every few weeks. Unfortunately, Jordan still struggles with symptoms such as rectal and abdominal pain, mouth pain, and difficulty eating. 

Because of this, Jordan is pursuing additional therapeutic options: a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. She is working with fertility specialists as she would one day like to be a mother, but she could struggle with fertility following her treatments. 

Whatever happens next, Jordan just hopes that she is able to experience some relief – and that she’s able to make a difference for others with Crohn’s disease. She shares information on Crohn’s disease and her personal journey on Instagram, where she hopes that others will learn more about IBD and Crohn’s disease. 

Currently, Jordan and her friends are also raising money to support Jordan with any out-of-pocket treatment costs. If you’re interested in donating to her cause, you may do so here

What is Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s disease exists under the greater umbrella of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). This condition causes chronic digestive tract inflammation, most commonly in the colon and ileum. While the exact cause is unknown, many doctors believe that heredity and the immune system could play a role. Additional risk factors include being 30 years old or younger, being Caucasian or of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, smoking cigarettes, using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, living in an industrialized area, or having a family history of Crohn’s disease. 

Symptoms related to Crohn’s disease can include diarrhea, bloody stool, mouth sores, appetite and weight loss, abdominal pain and cramping, fatigue, fever, anal pain and drainage, bowel obstructions, ulcers, and malnutrition.

Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn

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