Meme: What Lies Within Us

No matter what happened in your past or what may happen in you're future, it's no match for you. You are tough enough to handle it. Your inner strength is…

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New Year New Beginings!

New BEGINNINGS are often disguised as painful endings. -Lao Tzu A New Year... time for new beginnings. If this year has been particularly hard for you, I hope this new…

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Healing Spirit

Share the spirit of healing. Those with rare diseases seek healing all year round. The holidays are for a different kind of healing though, healing of the spirit and soul.…

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Peaceful Holidays

Hey, a happy holidays meme without using red and green! Here’s wishing you peace and love during the holidays. Even if you don’t celebrate a specific holiday, I hope the…

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Meme: 24 Hours

Tomorrow is another day. New beginnings and new opportunities are right around the corner and bad days don't last forever. Keep your chin up!

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Meme: Add a Little Love

This is always something good to keep in mind, but especially around the holidays! Spoonies often are dealing with fatigue and pain. Don't feel like you need to do so…

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Meme: Thankful Every Day

"As Long as you're still breathing, There's still a purpose for your life." - Billy Cox I find these words very inspiring and comforting. Even when you question why you…

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Healthy Thanksgiving?

Whether you’re trying not to gain weight over Thanksgiving, or the prospect of being around a bunch of food you can’t eat because it would be bad for your rare…

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