Meet TZ the IDF Zebra! #namethezebra

Source: 2015 IDF Conference Highlights

Meet TZ the IDF Zebra!

We told you this year’s conference was going to be extra exciting in our earlier post, 2 Reasons Why the 2015 IDF National Conference is Extra Exciting.

We also gave you the run down on why those living with rare diseases, especially primary immuno deficiencies, PI relate to the zebra.  You can read the full text here: Have you Herd?

Today at the IDF Conference, TZ was busy introducing himself to the community and taking pictures with all of his new friends! Tonight, at the IDF Zebra Gala TZ will be rocking his NOLA beads, and helping out at the silent auction.  #THINKZEBRA Keep posting those pictures with TZ!

We love smiling faces! #PatientWorthy

There were some really unique and witty submissions for #namethezebra contest though…

Check out 3 of our favorites below…

1. ZeeGgi – the second g would be “silent”

2. Tuma- The Zebra’s legacy will forever live on!

3. Zander- We like the powerful meaning

Looking for others living and managing a primary immunodeficiency disorder?

The conference is hosting people from all over the world! The IDF has been encouraging the community to share their “Reel Stories”. Check out more than 82 individuals and families living with a PI! Feeling alone living with a PI? Here are 82 people like you!

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