How To Improve Ankylosing Spondylitis Comfort in 3 Steps

Honestly, who doesn’t love lists? And lists about how to better manage Ankylosing Spondylitis? Even better.

So luckily for us, Everyday Health showcases tons of lists about managing life with AS, from AS while sleeping to relieving AS pain.

For ways how to spice up your after hours, while keeping your ankylosing spondylitis in mind, check out our Everyday Health inspired post about AS and sex.

It’s good information, but we know it can be a drag reading page after page of medical advice. So while we can’t help you with all of Everyday Health’s suggestions (sorry readers—you’ll have to pay for your own pilates classes!), here’s our list of supporting tricks to add some fun to your quest for better joint health:

1. Raise Your Glass to Alcohol Alternatives


Everyday Health Tip #2 suggests avoiding alcohol, “particularly if you have more than two drinks a day.” We all love a cold Diet Pepsi, but if you’re coming off a tough work week and not in the mood to rock a club soda, there are plenty of great mocktail recipes you can whip up right in your own home.

2. Enjoy Active Living from Your Own Couch


Okay, so we said we wouldn’t pay for your pilates class—doesn’t mean we’ll give you nothing! Everyday Health Tips #4 and #8 are all about getting your fitness on, and the Internet delivers on endless exercise resources, pilates included.

Blogilates is a fun, upbeat choice for pilates, but if you want to explore the full pilates world, read up on how to find pilates workouts on youtube. You can even dive right in and scope out the video conglomerate yourself for fitness channels that work for you!

3. Talk the Talk (and Laugh the Laugh)


Finally, while not technically one of their 10 tips, Everyday Health promotes talking to your doctor, which is a lesson we can all stand behind. But talking to the person in the white coat isn’t always a fun experience… so let’s make it one! Take the edge off those pre-appointment jitters with a couple medical jokes.

Macabre? Maybe, but nothing heals like the power of a good laugh!

Once you’ve got your giggles out, you can look at this page from the National Institutes of Health, which contains all the tools you need for those all-too important talks with your doctor.

We know it’s not always easy to do the right thing for your health.

Hopefully these tricks—and the rest of Everyday Health’s lists—give you what you need for a healthier (and funner) future.

Give ‘em a try, and be sure to reward yourself with a good ol’fashion mocktail for your efforts!

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