This Girl Got a Kidney for Her Birthday, And It’s Awesome!

For a “normal” teenage girl, life’s biggest problems usually include not being able to decide which outfit to wear to school, which boy to say yes to for the upcoming dance, and what’s their favorite Taylor Swift song.

As reported by C & G News, Kacy Wyman’s “normal” teenager problems consist of taking about fifty medications chased by gallons of water.

Welcome to the new normal.

The 13 year-old aspiring doctor and avid swimmer suffers from the rare disease cystinosis. Without her strict drug cocktail routine, Kacy’s condition could lead to terrible results and even jeopardize her life.

Due to how extraordinarily rare cystinosis is, roughly 500 people in the U.S. have the condition, Kacy and her family had a hard time getting a cystinosis diagnosis. Her mother, Jen Wyman, explains the difficult road to C & G news, “We saw so many doctors. An endocrinologist did testing for a possible growth hormone deficiency. All the pieces of the puzzle were there. We just missed it for a while.”

Thankfully doctors found the final piece and with treatment for cystinosis now attainable, Kacy has been able to get back to her swimming and even be featured in the Cystinosis Research Network’s international art display.

The Cystinosis Research Network's Facebook page
The Cystinosis Research Network has become a voice to many cystinosis families who have a hard time advocating on their own. Their Facebook page has been and continues to be a huge bright spot in the community. Source: Facebook

Due to the effects of cystinosis, Kacy needed something most “normal” teenagers regularly do not put on their birthday list, a kidney.

And because we love to end stories with a happy ending, the bright teenager didn’t just get the kidney she needed early, but C & G News writes that it came from her own father!

We’ve heard many times that parents would give anything to their children. We are still shocked to see when that actually happens, but no one seems more deserving than this brave girl.

Check out Kacy’s full story and how her and her grandmother made her art famous!

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