On the Gridiron of a New Field: Dystonia Awareness

Before a hit and run driver struck Pat Brogan as he rode his bicycle, he’d never heard of dystonia, a brain disorder that causes severe muscle cramping and pain. But it hasn’t stopped Pat from lining up some big names to help in his ongoing fundraising for dystonia awareness. Dystonia symptoms include involuntary muscle contractions that cause unwanted movements and often result in abnormal postures. Although symptoms can sometimes be treated, often with botulinum toxin–Botox is the most widely known example of this treatment–there is no cure for the disorder.

Football Legend Appears for Dystonia Awareness Fundraiser

For 11 consecutive years, Pat’s held a Help Find a Cure 4 Dystonia fundraiser at the Hazelton Elks Lodge. One of his more memorable assistants in the cause? One of the greatest football players in Penn State history, Bruce Clark.
In December of 2014, Clark volunteered to appear at Pat’s fundraiser, where he reminisced about his impressive career while raising awareness-about—and more than $180,000! for–dystonia research.
Now, THAT’S how a Nittany Lion roars!

Dystonia benefit attracts former Penn State great – Sports – Standard Speaker

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