Editor’s Choice Weekend Roundup: 9-11-15

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5 Ways Your Butt Can Save a Life

If you thought your jeans were only there to make your butt look good, you’ll be surprised out what else they can really do. See how denim is helping kids with disease like chronic granulomatous disease (CGD).

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This Incredible Use for Radon Will Blow Your Mind

Radon is known to be a dangerous gas. What would you say it could be the latest ankylosing spondylitis treatment? You have to see how.

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Rare Odds Devastate Newborn, Luckily His Mom is Awesome

What this innocent little baby had to go through is just insane. See how this child’s mother comes in the clutch and finally gets to the bottom of a dystonia diagnosis and something else.

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#DystoniaAwareness Guest Blogger Pamela: Life Before Dystonia

Pamela Sloate, the Dystonia Muse herself drops by to speak about her personal journey for dystonia awareness month.

Check out Pamela’s story and don’t forget to stop by and read her blog!


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