Editor’s Choice Weekend Roundup: 9-25-15

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Learn why this Viral Message is so Important

After a waitress took her speech and demeanor as an insult, Brittany a fantastic girl living with dystonia penned a letter that went viral. We were lucky enough to have an interview with her to get the inside scoop. Check out this incredible story of true strength when faced with adversity.

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Why Patient Perspective is Worthy of Industry Ears

Patient Worthy attended this years EveryLife Foundation’s annual Rare Disease Workshop. Boy do we have a lot to share.

Check out the 5 truths to consider when raising your voice for your disease.

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If You Live With a Disease and Ever Asked “Why?” You Need to Read This

Blogger of the Dystonia Muse drops by for Dystonia Awareness Week to share her thoughts on the question everyone with a chronic illness asks, why?

Read this open and honest letter from someone who not only asks the question why me, but tries to provide an answer to herself and the reader.
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Blood and Guts? Wait Til You See How This Dutch Artist Deals With Cystinosis

Usually when you hear things like feces, blood, and guts the word art doesn’t come to mind. And definitely not followed by “scholarship.”

Annie proved us all wrong because her artwork got her quite the award as she raised for her cystinosis.

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