Editor’s Choice Weekend Roundup: Welcome to December 2015!

Welcome to December 2015 PatientWorthians! ‘Tis the season for sharing and do we have some stories for you!

As we round #NERVEmber this week, we want to highlight some hope for our CRPS audience with a possible new drug undergoing FDA approval.

We also have some great original pieces that give insight into the life of patients with dysautonomia and POTS.

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice posts!



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New Drug May Help the Badass Pain Warriors of CRPS

CRPS causes immense amounts of pain. And currently, there are no FDA-approved drugs that effectively help manage the symptoms.

Neridronate, a drug recently approved in Italy, is now entering the FDA conversation in the United States and could provide hope for those battling CRPS.

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Laurie's face

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Life with Dysautonomia Part 1

PW Contributor Laurie Lelacheur describes her harrowing battle(s) with conditions under dysautonomia.

Check out her tips for how you can be there for your friends with any form of dysautonomia.

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Kathryn and her husband

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Doctors, Nurses and Being a Patient

PW Contributor Kathryn Ferguson tells us about the importance of being a good patient and overall consumer of medicine.

Learn how to work as a team with your doctor!

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5 Facts You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

Do you know someone with Lyme disease? There is a chronic form, much more complex and life-altering than the acute infection that you are probably used to hearing about.

Read these 5 facts that you absolutely need to know about Lyme!


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