Confessions of a Young Woman With Heart Fighting Myasthenia Gravis

Whether you think so or not, you have the strength to live well with Myasthenia Gravis (MG).

But for your times of doubt and frustration, it can be helpful to have someone who understands the situation–someone who can empathize. Enter Laurna and her blog, 365 Days of Myasthenia.

MG might cause muscle weakness, but 365 Days of Myasthenia shows us how to stay strong in the face of the disease
MG might cause muscle weakness, but 365 Days of Myasthenia shows us how to stay strong in the face of the disease.

Laurna has been through some troubled times. Take, for example, this excerpt where she talks about the moments immediately following her diagnosis of MG:

“Everything got loud for a while after that. I remember the external facade of being in control; inside I couldn’t think straight and I couldn’t quiet my mind. I couldn’t find a perspective that agreed with my positive outlook on life. And there were seemingly endless questions. Plus, for someone who never got beyond standard grade/GCSE chemistry, the scientific nature of the information online about myasthenia was overwhelming. I couldn’t make sense of what it meant for me.”

Despite the challenges, this persistent blogger has refused to give in. Numerous entries tackle her renewed focus on fitness and nutrition, as well as the importance of connecting with others in similar situations.

The blog also provides a wonderful overview of the A-Zs of MG, how it can affect your role at university or in the workplace, and various efforts being made to tackle MG once and for all.

Overall, it’s an excellent blog that covers pretty much every topic related to MG that you could think of. And the handy-dandy list of categories helps you find exactly what you’re looking for. For anyone living with MG, it’s worth checking out. Because, as Laurna says, when it comes to coping with MG,

“people who are still able to live full and meaningful lives don’t focus on what their condition stops them from doing.”

Thanks, Laurna!

James Ernest Cassady

James Ernest Cassady

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