A Story That Will Break Your Heart…And Then Lift You Up

[I ]took a deep breath and fell into a deep sleep. Little did I know, I would stay asleep for a month and a half.

Welcome to the blog of Rosie Salas, a 31-year-old woman living with aplastic anemia.

If your jaw and your heart both dropped after that first line, you’re not alone. Reading Rosie’s life story is a little like being in a car wreck: there’s one bad thing after another, and you have no choice but to absorb each hit. Afterwards, you feel a little shaken but you’re also incredibly appreciative for life’s blessings.

dance disney princess sleeping beauty
It may look different than expected, but you can still wake up and find your happy ending. Source: www.giphy.com

The coma referenced above was the beginning of a dramatic episode that I encourage you to read in its entirety. Yes, it might be difficult. Your eyes might get a little misty (mine did). But, I also promise that reading Rosie’s story is worth the price of admission.

never hide who you are or what you have been through. be proud of what you have endured.

Rosie’s story is beautiful. It offers a glimpse into the psyche of a strong and courageous human being who’s refused to let life’s challenges dictate her course. She’s taken her challenges and used them as inspiration to give back and help others. But, then again, I don’t want to give the whole thing away. So give it a click, and let us know what you think.

Well done, Rosie. Your journey should be motivation for us all. How did her story affect you?


-James Ernest Cassady

James Ernest Cassady

James Ernest Cassady

Though "Ernest" is a family name that's been passed down for generations, James truly earned his middle moniker when, at the age of five, he told his mother that "laughing is stupid unless EVERYBODY is happy." Since then, the serious little bastard has been on a mission to highlight the world's shortcomings (and hopefully correct them). In addition to his volunteer work at hospitals and animal shelters, James also enjoys documentaries and the work of William Faulkner. He is originally from Oklahoma.

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