Meet Rob: Acromegaly Video Series Part 1

My name is Rob. I’m originally from Miami, Florida, born and raised, moved out of there back in 1981 and joined the Navy; spent 20 years on active duty. Transitioned to the Virginia area, Norfolk Virginia area, and spent most of my Navy career in Virginia for about 15 years, where I’ve retired and I’ve been living there ever since.

I’m a network engineer supporting the submarine fleet. I kind of didn’t… I’m retired from the Navy but I’m still pretty much doing what I did for 20 years, supporting the submarine fleet, which I love so I’m really lucky, I’m the kind of guy where I’m doing what I love so I’m not really working.

My friends kid me a lot they say I’m probably the first guy that’s ever going to reach the end of the internet, I spend a lot of time on the internet. I do a lot of amateur radio.

I’m a gun enthusiast. I like to target shoot, I’ll go out and take my guns and go target shooting. I garden in the summer. I’ve got a decent sized garden, a 15 by 15 foot garden, and my wife and I, we’ll plant corn and beans, this year we’re gonna concentrate on doing some pumpkins and some watermelons, see what we can do. Last year was frustrating because I couldn’t do anything because the acromegaly just sapped everything out of me I really couldn’t even get up, I just had no drive no motivation to do anything at all last year to get up to the garden– I just kind of sat and I did nothing.

Stay tuned for the next part of Rob’s video series!

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