Editor’s Choice: Myasthenia Gravis Awareness and Dystonia Fashion

Happy Almost-Father’s Day Patient Worthians!

This week, we have some important information on the rare disease myasthenia gravis in the spirit of June being it’s awareness month.

Also, have you ever had trouble explaining your rare disease to a new doctor? If so, you’ll be interested to check out the below pick, informative for all of us with chronic illness. We also have an interesting patient contribution about living with dystonia.

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!





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How to Explain Your Rare Disease to a New Doctor

How many times have you had to explain your rare disease? Whether it’s to friends, family or people you just meet, it can get pretty exhausting.

But you don’t always expect a doctor to be so uninformed about your condition. And when it happens, you want to be prepared. So check out this article to learn how you can more easily explain your situation.

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My Dystonia Fashion Statement

PW Contributor Amber is battling dystonia. With that comes some interesting accessories!

Not exactly a handbag or sunglasses, but you’ll be interested to read why she uses it and how she explains it to confused onlookers.

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Myasthenia Gravis: What You need to Know

June is Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month and we at Patient Worthy want to help spread the word.

Not familiar with this rare condition? Check out this post to get informed!

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(Source: Pixabay)

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One More Way to Take Medicine for Acromegaly

Acromegaly is yet another rare disease with not-so-convenient or effective treatments.

Recently, the FDA failed to approve a promising drug for those with acromegaly, but another clinical trial provides hope that it might be available on the market in the coming years.

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