Editor’s Choice: Clean Eating, Triggers, and Deadly Mistakes

Welcome to this week’s Editor’s Choice!

Mysthenia Gravis has to be treated delicately, as it’s unpredictable and often incredibly painful. That’s why the blogger we’ve highlighted below wants you to know about certain MG triggers.

How important is it to eat clean when you have a rare disease? We have some reasons for you and a recipe to help you get started! Lastly, Garry Shandling died due to a heart attack… could it be related to his rare disease?

We hope you enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!



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Two MG Triggers That This Blogger Thinks You Need to Know

MG Blogger Kerry Sweeris noticed two big triggers back in 2008.

Check out this article to find out what you should avoid.

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What You Need To Know About MG And Clean Eating

Clean eating isn’t just a fad amongst health nuts. It can also be very beneficial with those of us that have chronic illness.

Read here to find out how it relates to MG.

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This Smoothie Bowl Makes Lyme Life a Little More Tolerable

I have tried super hard to eat clean since being diagnosed with Lyme disease, due to the inflammation it causes.

This smoothie bowl is not only delicious, but it’s also a great start to eating clean!

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Do Not Make the Same Deadly Mistake this Celebrity Did

Garry Shandling died at the age of 66 from a heart attack, an event that is common in untreated hyperparathyroidism, which he had.

While we don’t know his treatment regimen for hyperparathyroidism, we do know that it should be addressed to avoid fatal consequences.

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