Want to See Your Story on Patient Worthy?

The above photo is of Kristina by Sandro Georgi Photography. Check out Kristina’s story of living with narcolepsy by clicking here

If you visit Patient Worthy or our Facebook page then more than likely you’ve seen some incredible patient stories.

People living with a rare and chronic illness, or even one that’s just severely under-diagnosed, have shared a number of poignant, funny, and informative stories with us.

Some people want to share how they were diagnosed, others want to share what annoys them the most about their illness. Some want to share advice and some of the funny experiences that they’ve had.

Here Julie shares her experience with an organization that helped boost her daughter’s self esteem.

Here Tom explains what it feels like to live with dystonia.

Here Charis answers questions about her experience with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Here Lisa shares her insight on motherhood while living with Myasthenia Gravis.

Here Chelsea describes the trials of dating while dealing with an undiagnosed rare disease with a humorous spin.

Here Nikole reveals the tragedies that she went through before her diagnosis.

Here Rob shares his story of his diagnosis of Acromegaly.

Regardless of what disease you are living with, with what your particular story is, chances are, someone here can relate. As rare as you may be, there is probably a lot that you’ve gone through that another reader can identify with and there’s often something to be learned form each other.


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