Editor’s Choice: Adult Faces of Rare and Kids with SCID

Happy Friday Patient Worthians!

We have two intriguing stories from PW contributors this week, detailing their plight with rare disease.

Additionally, we have a pretty cool outcome for a pretty cool kid who is suffering from SCID. There’s also an event with the Wilson Disease Association that you won’t want to miss!

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!





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Dystonia and Nolan’s Family

PW Contributor Nolan talks about his daughters’ experience in dealing with his dystonia.

In the rare world, we know that patients aren’t the only ones whose lives change.

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The Face of Adults with Rare Disease

PW Contributor Sharon Rose shares her journey with not just one rare disease, but multiple.

Check out her article here to read her thoughts on challenges she faces as a patient.

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What This Kid Did To SCID Will Have You Jumping For Joy

Speaking of kids with rare disease, this young boy in Singapore was born with SCID.

Because his family was able to catch it early, his outcome was one that will have you happy as a clam!

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Don’t Miss the Wilson Disease Association BIG WOW this Saturday!

Not only does the WDA have Big WOW! this Saturday, but we also have some details about an upcoming event they’re holding.

Read here to find out more.

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